Brilliant C+ Infusion Treatment

Treatment at $220 | Duration 60-min

This treatment infuses a 20% Vitamin C, proven to provide powerful antioxidant protection, improve the visible signs of aging and brighten skin. Provides UV protection, reduces wrinkles, and stimulates collagen synthesis.

Omega Illume+ Treatment

Treatment at $320 | Duration 60-min

Features the powerful skin brightener – Glutathione, double concentration of nano Hyaluronic Acid that penetrates deeper for intense hydration and a cocktail of anti-aging peptides. A calming anti-aging treatment.

Infinity Needle-less Rejuran®

Treatment at $480 | Duration 75-min

Rejuran® is a skin healing treatment developed by Korean scientists that has shown impressive results. The key ingredient is c-PDRN® – fragmented DNA, which encourages dramatic age-defying results for more radiant, youthful looking skin.

NCTF® Revitalization Skinbooster

Treatment at $480 | Duration 75-min

A treatment that infuses skin with a cocktail of 56 nutrients designed to bring about increased collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid for younger looking complexion.

Med IPL Photo Rejuvenation

Treatment at $480 | Duration 75-min

Uses light energy to fuel skin healing and renewal to shrink pores, brighten complexion and improve skin tone.

Med IPL Photo Acne Treatment

Treatment at $480 | Duration 75-min

Uses light energy to fuel skin healing and renewal to eliminate acne, shrink pores and reduce scarring.

RF Skin Tightening

Treatment at $480 | Duration 90-min

Uses INDIBA®, a medical grade radiofrequency technology and LED Phototherapy to tighten skin and improve skin health and facial contours.

PHA Medi-Peel Treatment

Treatment at $290 | Duration 30-min

A medical-grade superficial peel that stimulates epidermis renewal for smoother, more radiant and even skin.

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