Treatment at $480 nett* (75-min)

Achieve that healthy glowy skin effortlessly

Photo Rejuvenation

Med IPL Photo Rejuvenation

Achieve that healthy glowy skin effortlessly

Treatment at $480* nett (75-min)

What is Med IPL Photo Rejuvenation?

Uses light energy to fuel skin healing and renewal to shrink pores, brighten complexion and improve skin tone.

Painless IPL technology

No downtime

Brighter & Even skin tone

How it Works

This treatment uses selected light therapies to give your skin brilliance and youthful renewal with no downtime. The facial harnesses light energy from medical-grade IPL and LED Phototherapy to give you synergistic results. Studies have shown that combining these two light therapies give better results than standalone treatments. They work together to improve collagen production, smoothen complexion, shrink enlarged pores, giving your skin the enviable glow. 

Medical-grade IPL (Intense Pulsed Light)

Medical grade IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) treatment uses a broad spectrum of wavelengths to penetrate several levels of the dermis (skin), to stimulate collagen and renewal for skin revitalization. It is non-ablative (does not harm the skin surface) since the broad spectrum of light penetrates the deeper layer of the skin without harming or injuring the upper layer or the epidermis. The result is fresher, younger looking skin that glows. 

IPL is minimally invasive, and you are able to return to your regular activities right after the treatment.

LED Phototherapy

LED Phototherapy uses colour wavelengths of visible light for specific benefits to the skin. Ageing or environmental damage compromise healthy skin cells, and they are unable to renew themselves normally. Red light is administered to stimulate new collagen production and repair damaged and old tissues. It works to reduce pore size and fine lines, while giving skin the glow. LED Phototherapy when used in combination with IPL targets multiple layers of your skin to greatly enhance the rejuvenation (anti-aging) effects of the treatment. IPL reaches deeper, whereas LED works on the layers nearer the skin surface. Using both gives you a more extensive treatment.

What to Expect

1. Brighter & healthier looking skin

2. Lighten pigmentation

3. Diminish skin redness

4. Minimise pores

5. Reduce fine lines & wrinkles

5. Renewed collagen

The Procedure

1. Deep Cleansing

2. Extraction

3. IPL Treatment

4. Facial & Shoulder Massage

5. Medical-grade Mask

6. LED Phototherapy

7. Treatment After-care


This treatment is suitable for those who wants to improve:

  • Skin radiance
  • Even out skin tone
  • Appearance of large pores

This treatment is 100% comfortable with zero downtime.

During the treatment, your eyes will be protected by goggles and a cold gel will be applied to the skin. For clients with sensitive skin, you will feel slight heat sensation  of heat due to the pulses of light, but this treatment is painless.

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